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General terms and conditons
  1. Validity of these conditions
    1. These terms and conditions apply to the entire business relationship, including future between the purchaser (hereinafter: Guest) and the Goodman's Living GmbH, Berlin (hereafter: Boardinghouse or GL). This captures Boardinghouse- recording contracts and all the implementation of such contracts services provided in or on all each for Goodman's Living belonging buildings and areas.
    2. Each different policies apply for booking and use of the rooms of the Goodman's Living.
    3. Terms and Conditions of the Guest shall not apply. You will be rejected.
  2. Conclusion
    1. Boardinghouse offers are non-binding until a contract is final.
    2. The contract is concluded once the studio / the apartment / room (hereinafter collectively: Room) has been booked by the request of the guest by adopting Boardinghouse or if a confirmation for lack of time could not be provided. The conclusion of the contract requires the contractor to fulfill the contract, has been indifferent to how long the contract completed. If the booking party guest is not the same user, so the booking party guest and the user are liable to Boardinghouse and severally liable for the obligations resulting from the reservation.
    3. It is up to the Boarding House, to confirm a booking in writing. If canceled or similar statements are effective only if made in writing.
    4. If the host entrepreneurs, only the written confirmation Boardinghouse is decisive for the content of bookings if the guest does not object in writing immediately. This applies especially to verbal or telephone orders and agreements. A message to the Boarding House is definitely no longer immediately, if it is not received within this seven days.
    5. Group bookings (5 people) the organizer is obliged to send the Boardinghouse at least 7 days prior to arrival a list of participants.
  3. Salvalorische contract clause

    1. If any provision of the contract or these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the contract or of the remaining agreement. It is to be replaced in each case the legal regulation. In no case the relevant provision in these Terms and Conditions will be replaced by terms and conditions of the guest. The same applies to a gap in the respective contract or the terms and conditions.
  4. Provision and departure
    1. Reserved rooms are available to the guest on arrival from 15:00 clock. Unless a later arrival time was agreed, Boardinghouse reserves the right to assign rooms booked after 18.00 clock otherwise.
    2. A claim to specific rooms or premises not exist. In the booking confirmation are certain rooms promised, but these are not available, can provide an equivalent substitute in the house available to the Boarding House. Further claims by the guest shall be excluded.
    3. A subletting of rooms is excluded. The bookings for more than the booked number of persons without the prior written consent of the boarding house.
    4. The guest is obliged to identify themselves upon arrival to deposit an appropriate security (valid credit card with cover frame in the amount of the expected total cost of stay, deposit payments or similar) at the front desk and fill all the police registration card with his personal details and sign.
    5. Pets are allowed only after prior approval of the boarding house and at extra cost.
    6. The departure must take place no later than until 11:00 clock on departure; must be vacated the room at this time. Recourse to the room after 11:00 clock on departure to calculate the Boarding House in the event of a claim to 14 clock with the daily rate (lodging price / list price) and from 14 clock at the full room rate. The guest agrees to pay this additional fee.
    7. An extension of stay beyond the agreed in the accommodation contract timeframe is only possible after timely consultation with the reception. This consultation should take place at least before the end of the half of the stay period and requires the written confirmation by the reception. The written confirmation is considered as contract extension for the purposes of receiving contract. A claim for an extension is not in principle.
  5. Cancellation
    1. Reservations are binding on the parties. For a cancellation of reserved rooms and / or services, the terms listed below apply. The payment obligation of the guest the accommodation contract is reduced not to the actual expenditures saved Boardinghouse, but subject to these conditions. In section 2.3 of these terms, reference is made. A partial cancellation of reserved rooms and / or services is excluded.
    2. For reservations up to 6 nights per room outside of exhibition and special periods a free cancellation up to 18 clock on arrival is possible. In case of late cancellation reduces the payment obligation of the guest to 90% of the value of the services ordered in pure nights at 90% of the room rate of first night. If the guest is not the power to complete, without submitting a written cancellation, the payment obligation of the guest reduced to 90% of the value of the services ordered in pure nights at 90% of the room rate of first night. The reductions are subject to the provision in section 5.5.
    3. For reservations 7-27 nights per room free cancellation until 7 days before the commencement of the performance period is (planned arrival) possible. In case of cancellation at a later date the payment obligation of the guest is 90% of the agreed total. If the tenant is not in the performance claim, without submitting a written cancellation, the payment obligation of the guest reduced to 90% of the agreed total. The reductions are subject to the provision in section 5.6.
    4. All reservations of 28 nights per room free cancellation to 14 days before the start of the service period (planned arrival) is possible. In case of cancellation at a later date the payment obligation of the guest is 90% of the agreed total. If the tenant is not in the performance claim, without submitting a written cancellation, the payment obligation of the guest reduced to 90% of the agreed total. The reductions are subject to the provision in section 5.6.
    5. For groups ( 5 rooms) or booking of rooms for exhibition and special periods a free full cancellation to 14 days before the beginning of the performance period is possible. In case of cancellation at a later date to reduce the payment obligation of the guest to 90% of the agreed price for the entire block. If the tenant is not in the performance claim, without submitting a written cancellation, the entire package price for the entire block will be charged. The reductions are subject to the provision in section 5.6.
    6. The Boardinghouse will endeavor to reassign unused rooms if possible. Manages the Boardinghouse re renting the rooms for the agreed service period, this reduces the existing regarding sections 5.2 to 5.5 obligation to pay the amount by which the sum of the continuing obligation to pay the proceeds from the otherwise rent exceeds the agreed with the host price. A reduction is possible up to a maximum amount of the original obligation to pay.
  6. Prices / payments / off / assignment
    1. The prices are determined according to the price list Boardinghouse at the time of service provision has validity and are inclusive of applicable VAT. Was in the booking confirmation, a price agreed, this shall prevail. If the booking for more than 4 months back, Boardinghouse may adjust the price accordingly mentioned therein, but not more than 5%.
    2. The Boarding House may require when booking an advance payment or security deposit the guest.
    3. Boardinghouse invoices are payable upon receipt of invoice without deduction.
    4. The guest is only entitled to offset if the counterclaim on which he bases his right is undisputed or if the claim has been legally established. The same applies to the enforcement of retention. The assignment of claims and rights of the guest against the Boardinghouse to third parties is only allowed with written consent of the boarding house.
    5. Only guests that rooms / Boardinghouse services in the exercise of their profession to avail (business customers within Germany) have the opportunity to respond after examining the creditworthiness, a loan agreement with the Boarding House. Because of these loan agreements sent invoices are payable within 14 days after receipt net. After this period, a written payment reminder. After another 14 days, a third written reminder is done after adding the default interest and a reminder fee of € 2.50. After a further 7 days, a third written warning after adding additional default interest and a reminder fee of € 5, by referring to assign the claim to a collection agency unless paid. The Boardinghouse expressly reserves the right to use assumptions bailout of resident guest to pay down the claim.
  7. Termination
    1. The Boardinghouse may terminate for cause. An important reason exists in particular if
      • Prepayments under Clause 6.2 is not up to the agreed date (if no date is specified, 30 days before arrival) be made;öhere Gewalt, Streik, unverschuldete Betriebsstörungen oder andere von dem Boardinghouse ;
      • force majeure, strikes, disruptions of operations or other of the Boardinghouse due to circumstances make the fulfillment of the contract impossible;
      • Events under misleading or false information regarding material facts, are for example the identity of the guest, the organizer or the purpose booked;
      • Boardinghouse has good reason to believe that the night / event might jeopardize the smooth operation, the safety or the reputation of Boardinghouse in public, without being attributable to the management or organization of Boardinghouse;
      • unauthorized subletting or re-letting of the premises is present.  
    2. The Boarding House is the host of the exercise of the right to terminate immediately in writing. In the aforementioned cases, the cancellation no claim of the contractor for damages. Compensation and reimbursement claims Boardinghouse remain unaffected.
  8. Liability
    1. Objects or materials that are in generally accessible rooms Boardinghouse, including its technical facilities and conference rooms leave, shall only be deemed incorporated when they are expressly made by an authorized employee of the boarding house in custody. In the rooms is considered introduced what has introduced under the contract legitimate guest. A liability is excluded for not items brought. The Boardinghouse's liability is limited to 3,500 euros for damage or loss of introduced items and materials; for money, securities and valuables subject to a maximum limit of 800 euros. A corresponding claim for loss, destruction or damage of thing applies paragraph 8.7. Objects left behind at Boardinghouse the guest will be forwarded only on request, risk and expense of the guest. The Boardinghouse undertakes to store such items 6 months. After this time, the objects which are clearly valuable, handed over to the local lost property office. In all other cases this the finder against receipt will be handed out. A liability of respect, Boardinghouse excluded.
    2. The Boarding House strives to perform Wake-up calls with the greatest care. A Boardinghouse bears no liability for the consequences of failure to wake-up is excluded. This also applies to the automatic wake up computer.
    3. As far as the guest a parking space in the Boardinghouse garage or in a Boarding House Park Place, even if a fee is provided, this does not constitute a safekeeping agreement. For loss of or damage to the Boardinghouse basic parked or vehicles Boardinghouse is not liable. A monitoring obligation Boardinghouse not exist. Any damage must be reported immediately to the boarding house. Paragraphs 8.6 apply accordingly.
    4. Notwithstanding the provisions in paragraphs 8.1 to 8.3, the Boardinghouse bears no liability for damages of any kind is excluded (contractual or tort). This exclusion does not apply
      • for damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence, the Boardinghouse;
      • in cases of minor negligence for damages caused by an injury to life, limb or health, and -. subject to the provisions of subsection 8.5 and section 8.6 - for damages based on a breach of contract by the Boardinghouse Material contractual obligations are all obligations whose fulfillment makes the proper execution of the contract.      
    5. In cases of negligent breach of contract, the liability Boardinghouse - with the exception of damage to life, limb or health - be limited to typical contractual, for the Boarding House at the conclusion of contract or breach of the obligation foreseeable damage. As far as the liability of Boardinghouse is excluded for damages that are solely attributable to the risk area of the guest.
    6. The guest is obligated to report any defects immediately, at the latest on departure at the Boarding House. The Guest's claims must be made in writing within 14 days after the contractually agreed end of the provision of services to the Boarding House. After the deadline, he may only assert claims if he has been prevented without fault from complying with the deadline. Claims for damages due to slight negligence score Boardinghouse gem. the preceding paragraphs 8.4 and 8.5 are excluded in any case, if they are not asserted in court within a period of three months following rejection of the claims with a corresponding notice by Boardinghouse or its insurer.
    7. The foregoing exclusions and limitations in paragraphs 1.8 to 6.8 shall also apply to Boardinghouse's liability for its officers, employees and agents, as well as the personal liability of the organs, employees and agents Boardinghouse.
    8. The above exclusions and limitations do not apply to claims under the Product Liability Act, in so far as mandatory liability.
    9. As far as legally otherwise mandated, all liability claims arising out of or in connection with the preparation, negotiation, conclusion and implementation of this agreement as well as any other legal, even tort liability claims in one year from the date on which the performance after agreement was terminated or should be.
  9. Performance, Jurisdiction, Applicable Law
    1. Performance and payment is the seat of the Goodman's Living GmbH.
    2. In commercial transactions, so if a guest is a merchant, legal entity under public law or public special assets, is - also for check and exchange disputes - exclusive jurisdiction of the headquarters of the Goodman's Living GmbH. This also applies to the case that the guest as a non merchant fulfills the requirements of § 38 para. 2 ZPO and has no general domestic jurisdiction, moved his domicile or habitual residence from the Federal Republic of Germany after the contract or if his domicile or habitual residence at the time the claim filing Boardinghouse is unknown.
    3. Only German law, excluding the CISG.
City Tax/ Overnight tax in Berlin
For bookings from 01.04. all guests are obliged to pay
the city tax when staying in Berlin. Until now, this
regulation only applied to tourist stays.
For reservations made before April 1st the previous               
regulation applies.
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